Thrumming About Life

Beautiful moments are essential to breathe goodness into our lives.  Like we need oxygen to stay alive physically, we need beauty to engage our five senses to sustain a healthy and vibrant spirit.  Beautiful scenery.  Magnificent music.  The sound of a loved one’s voice or to gaze upon the face of a dear friend.  An aroma that reminds us of a special time or place.  Comfort food.  The feel of warm water or a soft blanket caressing our skin.  A walk or to sit alone in a special place.  Witnessing an act of kindness that reminds us that goodness exists in most people we pass on the street.  These are the things that make life worth living.  

Life can be so very hard.  We all face loss or failure at some point in our lives, maybe even repeatedly.  It can be the loss of a loved one taken from us suddenly or after a long-suffered illness.  Or a failed relationship – the breaking of a significant bond that shaped our character and was a meaningful part of our daily life, suddenly gone and maybe as a result of a heart-breaking conflict or betrayal.  Maybe it’s financial ruin and the personal hardship of bankruptcy.  Perhaps there is the loss of one’s health or becoming physically disabled, and possibly accompanied by a trauma that effects our emotional health also.  We might become a victim of a crime or accident that leaves us feeling vulnerable, unsafe.  

If life seems dreary, we don’t have to surrender to the bleakness of whatever is holding us down.  We can create an environment that invites moments of beauty into our lives. We can build a more beautiful life from scratch, starting with little things placed in our homes or at work. We can schedule brief appointments into our calendars that allow us to spend a bit of time lifting ourselves away from the ordinary, to dream of something that raises our spirits, even if only for a moment.  Spend some time with me here, at Thrumming Magazine.  Let these words and pictures turn your gaze in another direction.  If your heart feels bruised, just remember the words of Leonard Cohen:  “There is a crack, a crack in everything.  That’s how the light gets in.”  I offer you some lightness, to let a little bit of colourful joy and peaceful thoughts to trickle into your busy, pressing day.  Join me, if only for a moment, and then take that moment with you when you go.  Let it thrum in the corner of your mind.  Your moment, your thoughts, your time, your life.  I’m with you, thrumming you home, bringing you bits of beauty.  Join me.  A beautiful life is calling you.